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An incredible leader and instructor

With health issues and possessing few skills in tracking birds in flight, I headed to Montreal with a good share of trepidation about having any success on the Winter Owl SafariChris Dodds is not only a master photographer, but I soon discovered that he is an incredible leader and instructor who is quick to give suggestions, share his vast knowledge and patiently answer any question.  As a result, I was successfully capturing more and more action shots each session as the days went by.  Chris went out of his way to make sure each one of his clients was safe and as comfortable as possible in the extreme conditions in which we were photographing.  Aware of my health issues, he was continually monitoring me to make sure that I wasn't over doing it.  Chris is fun to work with and is spoken very highly of by the landowners who he deals with, which in turn, makes many private tracts of land where the owls are located accessible to him and his groups.  He seemingly has an inexhaustible level of energy that ensures that his clients will have the most productive experience humanly possible.  Returning home with many stunning photographs and memories of such a delightful experience, I am looking forward to the time when I can do another one of Chris Dodd's workshops with great anticipation.

John Michael Fuller Duanesburg | NY

Learn more about my Snowy Winter Owl Workshops HERE.


an amazing week of owls

Thank you again for an amazing week of owls.  I came home with some of my favourite images of all timeI was very impressed with many things throughout the week.  Most notably, your concern for our groups’ comfort, your knowledge of the owls we were there to photograph, your technical ability, your advice/instruction, and your ability to always make things fun.  Spending some time with you and seeing the amount of effort, time and processing that goes in to capturing your images was an eye-opening moment for meIt was an awesome experience and I am already looking forward to next year’s workshop.  Thank you again for everything.

Andrew Feiler Las Vegas | Nevada | USA

Learn more about my Snowy Winter Owl Workshops HERE.


He genuinely wants his participants to go home with the best and most varied images possible

Since I first met Chris he has been telling me I should go with him and photograph the Northern Gannets on Bonaventure Island.  He knows I love to capture behavior and there, you are surrounded by the many behaviors of the gannets as they go about their daily lives.
 Chris is super organized and extremely well prepared!  He knows what lenses and flash combinations are needed to maximize your opportunities.  He genuinely wants his participants to go home with the best and most varied images possible. His early morning zodiac trips aren’t available through anyone else. 
Lots of people, me included, dislike bad weather but Chris relishes it!  The more dramatic the better for photography!  Gannets in rain, fog, drizzle and sun, too.  Eagles at Homer in the rain!  Snowy Owls in white snowy haze!  Hey, there’s going to be a big snowstorm!  Why don’t you leave now and meet us for some great photo ops!  He is ever enthusiastic and helpful. He inspires everyone to do their best and he knows the greatest places to eat, too!
 Thanks, Chris!!!!

Eleanor Kee Wellman  Balla, Ontario, Canada


Thanks so much for being such a great naturalist, photographer and trip leader

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful winter owling workshop last week.  It was great to be in the field with you and I learned a great deal about the birds, environment and my camera.  Thanks so much for being such a great naturalist, photographer and trip leader.  I will go on another trip with you in the future.

Lynda Goff
(Professor Emeritus Ecology & Evolutionary Biology UC Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz, California, USA