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Photography Workshops by Canon Northern Explorer of Light Christopher Dodds


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Atlantic Puffin Paradise found (Fratercula arctica, Macareux moine, ATPU)

Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica, Macareux moine, ATPU) Vertical Portrait île aux Perroquets, Réserve de parc national du Canada de l'Archipel-de-Mingan, Quebec, Canada. Image Copyright ©Christopher Dodds All Rights Reserved. Canon EOS 1DMKIV, 500mm F4 L IS with 2X Teleconverter II, Canon 25mm Extension Tube, Tripod & Wimberley Head II. 580EXII Flash manual mode. Think-Tank Photo Hydrophobia 300-600. ISO 800, F16 @1/60s Manual mode. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A PRINT or LICENSE IMAGE FOR PUBLICATION.

Puffin Photography Workshop/Safari announced July 5-7, 2011

I'm just back from another trip; this time, I went out in search of the ultimate destination for Atlantic Puffins. The mandate was simple; find a location that is within reach, safe and easy to get to without a dangerous boat landing on slippery rocks and a place where we can get close to these comical little seabirds without hauling our gear up, and over, huge distances or having to hang over towering cliffs. I have photographed Atlantic Puffins in Iceland, Maine, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Quebec; All of these "known" places have their drawbacks. Mission accomplished; I have found Puffin Paradise. Special thanks to the Loiselle Familly of Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan for their gracious hospitality during my time there.

If you are interested in joining me for a Puffin photography workshop July 5-7, 2011, then be sure to send an email to This trip will be limited to six participants (two spots booked already) and will surely be the trip of a lifetime for anyone seeking to get close and personal (safely) to Atlantic Puffins and Razorbills. We will spend a few hours photographing fishing Puffins each morning from a boat, before landing on an island where we spend the rest of the day until sunset for three full days. I have secured special access, so we will be the only people on the island during the first, and last, few hours each day. Price is CAD$2,495.00 including four nights single occupancy accommodation, three days private boat tour with highly experienced captain, three days park access fees and three days expert instruction. Other subjects might include Razorbill, Black Guillemot, Great Cormorants, Savannah Sparrow (there are many) Common Eider and Grey Seal. More details after my return from teaching the August Gannets Galore workshop in about 10 days. Meals, beverages, transportation to Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec and souvenirs are not included.


Many thanks to Chris for a wonderful and exciting photography experience. Your professionalism, talent, patience and knowledge helped to make the Gannets Galore photo trip an experience of a life time. The hundreds of thousands of Northern Gannets on Bonaventure Island were unbelievable. I took thousands of photographs of Northern Gannets in their everyday activities. They were elegant, comical, clumsy, arguing, fishing, sleeping, working, copulating, preening and fencing. It was nonstop and exhilarating. Now, I get to my favourite part - the Zodiac tour around Bonaventure Island. It’s 5:00am and we start the 4 hour trip to see dozens of species of birds and seals as well as couple of Minke whales. The 4 hours seemed to pass like minutes. The Harlequin ducks and Black Guillemots were among my favourites and a real treat to observe and photograph. - Gordie Kadonoff Hampstead | Quebec | Canada

Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica, Macareux moine, ATPU)

The Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica, Macareux moine, ATPU) is a seabird species in the auk family. Also know as “common puffin”, “clown of the ocean”, “clown of the sea” and “sea parrot”, these squat little pelagic birds look comically awkward on land and rather heavy in the air, but once in their element, the water, they become able predators. “Flying” through the sea on stubby wings, they dive-bomb shoals of herring, sand eels, sardines, and other small fish and sometimes squid. These pursuit divers collect their victims one at a time, but can hold as many as 20 small fish crosswise in their brightly coloured beaks at the same time. The Atlantic Puffin is 26–29 centimetres (10–11 in) in length (bill 3-4 cm), with a 47–63 centimetres (19–25 in) wingspan. The male is generally slightly larger than the female, but they are coloured alike. A puffin can fly 48 to 55 mph (77 to 88 km/hr). The puffin beats its wings rapidly to achieve this speed reaching up to 400 beats a minute.

This species breeds on the coasts of northern Europe, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and eastern North America (Canada and New England), from well within the Arctic Circle to northern France and Maine. It is the only Puffin species found in the Atlantic Ocean. The winter months are spent at sea far from land - in Europe as far south as the Mediterranean, and in North America to North Carolina.  Puffins often nest in well populated colonies usually on remote, rugged islands free from egg and chick eating land predators. They deposit a single egg deep within a burrow excavated in soft earth, or in a feather, or grass, lined lair in a rocky cleft. After fattening-up their hatchlings on fish, the parents return to the sea. The young Puffins, still unable to fly, eventually scramble to the shore by night and plunge into the water.


Bear Boat Katmai July 12-18, 2010 Massive Discount due to illness

Coastal Brown Bear CUB OF HEARTS (Ursus arctos) Katmai National Park, AK ©Christopher Dodds All Rights Reserved. Canon EOS 5DMKII, 70-200mm F2.8 @125mm ISO 400, F8 1/320s Manual mode. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A PRINT or LICENSE IMAGE FOR PUBLICATION.

It’s only two weeks away, but I have two spots available at a massive discount. A couple who booked early last year have had to cancel due to a unexpected and sudden health crisis. They have no trip insurance and are willing to forfeit half of the US$4,995.00 workshop fee that they have paid. Please email (, or call me (450) 827-1007 if you are interested in the trip of a lifetime. Bargain US$2,500.00 fee includes seven days instruction, guide service food and accommodation aboard the Coastal Explorer. Airfare to Kodiak Island and float plane from Kodiak Island to the boat (approx. US$475.00) are not included. Act quickly....MORE INFORMATION HERE


Songbirds of Pelee May 8-12, 2010 Workshop Announced

Image #1: Black-and-White Warbler

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my May, 2009 Pelee Songbird workshop (thanks to all who registered: We sold-out quickly!), I'm announcing my 2010 dates now. Join noted Canadian Wildlife photographer Christopher Dodds at Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario (Canada); the most renowned inland location in North America to photograph spring migrants, including colourful warblers, tanagers and orioles. Located in Southern Ontario, Pelee is a small peninsula that juts into Lake Erie, and is first landfall for waves of northbound songbirds crossing the great lakes. Birders regularly see more than 100 bird species in a day in the Pelee area, including 25 species of warblers!

Image #2: Re-Headed Woodpecker

For bird photographers, Pelee can offer some legendary experiences. Each day is different, so we begin our morning at the tip, to see what new migrants have arrived overnight. If we're lucky, there may be a wave or fallout of birds, with weary warblers feeding low in warm morning light. Although days like that are rare, we'll find birds to photograph - there is always something around Pelee! I am well connected to the birders and photographers in the park, and get current tips about cooperative or rare birds! I also have some great feeder set-ups (for Orioles, Grosbeaks, Sparrows and Red-Headed Woodpeckers) outside the park, to keep us busy on slow days ... while all the other bird photographers stand around and only talk about photography.


There are no guarantees when photographing migrants at a place like Pelee, but we stand a good chance of getting photos of numerous warbler species (ie. Magnolia, Blackburnian, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Black-and-white), vireos, scarlet tanager, and more. The most exciting thing about photographing migrants at a place like Pelee, is that you just never know what you might get!


Image #3: Chestnut-Sided Warbler

What's included? ... Five full days of in-the-field photographic instruction and introductory slideshow on the evening before the workshop (May 7, 2010). Hotel, transportation, meals, drinks, park access fees, etc. are not included. I do have a block of rooms reserved (at a favorable rate) at the Leamington Howard Johnston (formerly the Ramada Hotel).

Price: CAD$1,695.00 per person (tax included). Non-refundable deposit of CAD$695.00 due to secure your spot, with the remaining non-refundable balance of CAD$1,000.00 due 120 days prior to the workshop (January 7, 2010). Please note that your reservation is not guaranteed until the non-refundable deposit is received. We strongly suggest you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

How to book: Please email me your contact information (, and mail the required non-refundable deposit to:


Christopher Dodds

(450) 827-1007

Dodds Visuals Inc.

Box 112

Franklin Centre, QC


J0S 1E0



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