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Bald Eagle Workshop Update and Used Canon Equipment

Bald Eagle GRAVITY from my Bald Eagle Photographic Expedition (Hailiaeetus leucocephalus, Pygarge a tete blanche, BAEA) Kachemak Bay (near Homer), Alaska ©Christopher Dodds All Rights Reserved. 400mm ISO 4,000 f/5.6 @ 1/2,500s Full Frame, shot vertical in manual mode. Click HERE to order a print or license image for publication.

March 5-9 & 10-14, 2018 Eagles Galore Workshop Space available

Join me, Christopher Dodds, for an Epic Eagle adventure in Alaska. This five day Eagle photography workshop is designed for all levels of photographer to come home with an awesome portfolio of Eagle images and a deep understanding of the fundamentals of bird photography. Don't delay! Space is limited. Learn more HERE.


There are a lot of photographers to choose from when deciding to take a workshop.  I had come across Christopher Dodds Photography on Facebook and really like his photographs.  I read about Chris’s workshops.  They all sounded well organized and he has years of experience going to various places.

I love Alaska and had been dreaming of taking an Eagle photography workshop and decided to sign up with Chris.  I am so glad I chose Chris for a lot of reasons.  The workshop was very well organized.  Chris provides the attendees with a list of suggested clothing to be sure you are comfortable in the Alaskan winter weather.  He provided us with a list of suggested equipment so that we knew exactly what was needed to get the kind of photos posted on his workshop page.  The group was limited to 5 attendees, so we each had ample opportunity to get feedback and suggestions from Chris. Chris is extremely knowledgable about Kachemak Bay and knows where to go to get the best shots depending on the wind and the weather, and whether there is sun or snow.  Chris uses the same boat and captain for this workshop, so the captain knows exactly what Chris wants to do and how to get us into those best areas…. Chris believes in safety above all else, but snow, sleet and rain did not keep us from going out.  In fact, it made for some great photos depicting the Alaskan winter eagle environment.  It was an amazing trip and I got a lot of great photos.  I would definitely choose Chris for another birding workshop as he is dedicated to doing everything he can to make sure you come home with lots of amazing photographs!   Thanks, Chris, for a fantastic workshop and wonderful adventure!

 Jessica Duke Eagle Nest, NM, USA


It is really quite amazing to be part of what seems like a revolution! It seems like friends and clients are switching to Sony on a daily basis. Here is an updated list of my gear for sale, followed by some offered by friends. Shoot me an email if you are interested in buying or making an offer on anything.

  • SOLD: Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Internal 1.4x 
  • SOLD: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II USM Telephoto Lens 
  • SOLD: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Zoom Lens (Version I)
  • SOLD: Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM Lens 
  • SOLD: Canon Speedlight 580EX II Flash
  • SOLD: Canon 1.4X Teleconverter III
  • SOLD: Canon 2X Teleconverter III
Michael L:
  • SOLD: Canon 1DXI US$2,500 Shutter: 85k. (2 batt.) 7/10 condition (some wear, CF door sticks)
  • SOLD: Canon 1DXII
  • SOLD: 600mmII
  • SOLD: Canon 100-400II
  • Canon 70-200II 2.8 US$1,500
  • SOLD: Canon 24-70II 2.8
  • SPLD: Canon 1.4 III
  • Canon 2.0III US$300 real tree lens coat
Dennis S:
  • Canon 1DX US$2,500.00 Shutter 100K
  • Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Internal 1.4x US$8,000.00
  • Canon 180mm Macro US$600.00
  • Canon 8-15mm US$700.00



How to make razor sharp images


American Bald Eagle ATTITUDE (Hailiaeetus leucocephalus, Pygarge a tete blanche, BAEA) Kachemak Bay (near Homer), Alaska ©Christopher Dodds All Rights Reserved. Canon EOS 1DX, 300mm F2.8 L IS USM with Jobu L-Bracket  Hand Held ISO 2,000, f/2.8 @ 1/3,200s Manual mode. Click HERE to order a print or license image for publication.

After spending the first day of this week's Snowy Winter Owl Workshops with numerous Snowy Owls in rather balmy weather conditions, I wanted to re-cap one of the important topics that we discussed: How to make razor sharp images. I often get comments about how sharp my images are, and folks often feel there is a secret to making consistently sharp images. While good field craft and techniques do play a major role in making sharp images, you need to start with a solid foundation. Yes, I do use a tripod whenever possible, I ensure I have enough shutter speed to freeze my subject and have the correct parameters set-up in the user menu of my Canon 1DX. I have invested the time to practice, and can consistently acquire fast moving little birds when I bring my eye to the viewfinder; but my answer trumps all of my years of experience and the best technique.

Each and every time that I get a new camera, I meticulously micro-calibrate each, and every, lens, extender and possible combination or both with my LensAlign MKII. This is time consuming, boring and I hate the whole process, but it tightens the manufacture tolerance and ensures that my images will be sharp if I use proper technique. It's like building a house on a solid foundation.

Read more about the LensAlign MKII HERE