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Gannets Galore Workshop Last Minute Openings

Northern Gannet with Seaweed (Morus bassanus, Fou de Bassan, NOGA) From my Gannets Galore Workshop on Bonaventure Island at Parc National de l'île Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, Quebec, Canada. Image Copyright ©Christopher Dodds. Sony Alpha a9 Mirrorless Camera & Sony FE100-400 F4.5-5.6 G Master OSS @ 164mm. Full frame image (top to bottom; left and right cropped to square aspect ratio). ISO 640, f/5.6 @ 1/4,000s Manual exposure mode.

Two last minute openings

I have two last minute cancellations/openings for my Gannets Galore workshop on Bonaventure Island at Percé, Quebec from June 5 to 7, 2018 due to sudden illness. This is a last minute opportunity for what I feel to be the very best workshop to improve and perfect your bird photography skills! Includes daily four hour Zodiac excursion under the colony and all the Gannets you can imagine at the very best place to photograph them in the world. One of the true natural spectacles in the world! Read more & sign-up: CLICK HERE.

Black-footed Albatross PORTRAIT

Black-footed Albatross PORTRAIT (Phoebastria nigripes, Albatros à pieds noirs, BFAB) Monterey Bay, California ©Christopher Dodds All Rights Reserved. Sony Alpha a9 Mirrorless camera & Sony FE100-400mm F4.5-5.6 G Master OSS Lens @ 400mm. ISO 2,000 f/9 @ 1/3,2000s Manual mode.

Special thanks to my friend Brad for taking me out in his boat on Monterey Bay. We got to see some incredible whale action and interaction, but the highlight for me was the Black-footed Albatross feeding on the slick above a baby Humpback Whale carcase that a pod of Killer Whales had killed. Brad got us close enough for portraits! Nature can be brutal, and it really was emotional being right there between the victorious Killer Whales and the grieving Humpback Whale parents who kept a tight vigil over the remains. The circle of life was short for that baby whale... Stay tuned for a couple of Whale images.


OSPREYS GALORE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCED April 22-24, 2011 Lake Blue Cypress, Florida

OSPREY Top-Side Dive (Pandion haliaetus, Balbuzard pêcheur, OSPR) Image Copyright ©Christopher Dodds. Canon EOS 1DMKIV, 500mm F4 L IS.  ISO 320, F9 @ 1/1000s Manual.

I'm just in the door from an amazing seven weeks of sold-out Owl Prowls and anxious to share some exiting news and head out to a warmer place. My clients two weeks ago were, as is often the case, gifted photographers that I have known on-line for years. We became instant friends and quickly realized that we all shared the same ego-free love of teaching, and sharing wildlife photography. Alfred and Fabiola Forns are residents of Florida, gifted photographers and experienced workshop leaders; and they will be joining me for a SPECIAL, LIMITED EDITION WORKSHOP / SAFARI from April 22-24, 2011 (with a slideshow on the evening of April 21) at one of the most beautiful places in Florida; Lake Blue Cypress in southern Osceola County (just 20 minutes from Vero Beach).


April 22-24, 2011 (with a slideshow on the evening of April 21) at one of THE most beautiful places in Florida; Lake Blue Cypress in southern Osceola County (just 20 minutes from Vero Beach).

Maximum of 8 participants with 3 leaders; Christopher Dodds with Alfred and Fabiola Forns.

The Crown Jewel of Florida, Lake Blue Cypress is the perfect habitat for the hundreds of Osprey nests that cover the ancient Cypress Trees which pierce the pristine water and surround the lake. We will have tons of opportunities to photograph Ospreys on their nests at (or below) eye level, diving for fish or gathering nesting materiel. Our trip is timed perfectly to see the parents bring fish to their babies. We will photograph other species of Florida birds and will have constant urges to capture the true beauty, spectacular sunrises and all it illuminates in landscape images of the unspoiled, wild and spectacular setting of Lake Blue Cypress.

With three veteran photographers / instructors, and a maximum of only eight participants, this workshop / safari represents exceptional value! We'll spend four hours photographing the many Ospreys of Lake Blue Cypress from our two pontoon boats on each of the three mornings. After lunch and a break, we may even head over to Vierra wetlands or Merrit Island for afternoon sessions on Friday and Saturday.

Who should attend: This is a great workshop for any level of photographer from the seasoned pro to a complete novice with basic equipment. Amazing flight images can be made with your crop factor camera and focal lengths of just 300-400mm; a fantastic venue for 100-400mm, 300mm, 400mm and 500mm lenses.

Price is only $1,095.00 per person with a limit of eight participants and THREE instructors. Price includes three 4 hour Pontoon Boat cruises (weather permitting). All Hotels, meals, beverages and items of a personal nature are not included.


OSPREY with green nesting material (Pandion haliaetus, Balbuzard pêcheur, OSPR) Image Copyright ©Fabs Forns. Canon EOS 7D, 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L IS @400mm.  ISO 800, F5.6 @ 1/2000s


OSPREY pair framed by moss (Pandion haliaetus, Balbuzard pêcheur, OSPR) Image Copyright ©Fabs FornsCanon EOS 1DMKIV, 500mm F4 L IS.  ISO 2000, F4 @ 1/1250s


OSPREY pair interaction (Pandion haliaetus, Balbuzard pêcheur, OSPR) Image Copyright ©Fabs FornsCanon EOS 1DMKIV, 500mm F4 L IS, 1.4X Extender.  ISO 400, F7.1 @ 1/2000s