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Photography Workshops by Canon Northern Explorer of Light Christopher Dodds


Christopher Dodds Nature Photographer | Promote Your Page Too

 Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photographer and Canon Northern Explorer of Light Christopher Dodds photographing owls in the Canadian winter. Photographed with a prototype of the new Jobu Designs Algonquin tripod, Jobu Jr.3 deluxe gimbal head, Canon 200-400mm f/4-5.6 with built-in tele-extender, 600mm f/4 IS L II, Tamrac Expedition 9X camera bag and two Canon EOS 1DX camera bodies. Photo copyright and courtesy of Michael J. Lang (thanks, Michael)Canadian Wildlife / Nature Photographer Christopher Dodds Katmai National Park, Alaska, | July 2010 Image copyright & courtesy Darren Charles Holloway (thanks, Darren).

Christopher Dodds is an inaugural member of the elite Canon Northern Explorer of Light and X-Rite Coloratti initiatives. He is a full-time freelance nature and wildlife photographer, nature photography workshop & safari leader/instructor, photography educator, blogger, and lecturer.

Christopher Dodds lives near Montreal where he has been a self-employed freelance nature and wildlife photographer since 1985.  He purchased a photo studio in 1987 with a business partner, which he left after two years to pursue photojournalism and wedding photography with the ultimate goal of being totally immersed in his passion: nature and wildlife photography. He has taught photographic workshops & safaris since 2001, and has a loyal client base with many repeat clients. His popular blog  has become the “go to” resource for many nature photographers from around the world. Chris' images have been published in many of the world's top magazines and newspapers and are collected by many.
Chris first discovered his love of the great Canadian outdoors during family and boy scout camping, and canoe and backpacking trips, after moving to Canada from England when he was eight. By the time he was fourteen, Chris thrilled at freezing fleeting glimpses of birds and the resulting ability to study every detail of their intricate beauty. Chris' passion for photography has taken several paths through the years; photojournalism, studio portraiture, commercial and wedding photography all helped finance his early nature photography and build his stock image collection. He apprenticed and mastered both color and black and white chemical darkrooms, but today embraces the computerized, digital workflow. Chris is passionate about capturing images of nature in an artistic, yet technically perfect, manner.
Today Chris travels to some of the best locations in the world photographing, teaching nature photography workshops and leading nature photography safaris. His images are collected and published regularly in world-class publications. He lives near Montreal with his lovely wife, Julie. When not out traveling the world with his camera, he is often seen near his home walking their adorable and 140-pound Rottweiler, T-Bone.
"I’ve always had a deep love and interest in nature and photography, so it was only natural that I ended-up following my passion and making a living as a nature photographer. I try to capture an unobtrusive, close and intimate view into my subject’s lives; at their level and without disturbance. I spend an enormous amount of time learning everything I can about my subjects, their behavior and their lives. As a visual storyteller, there is nothing more rewarding than recording a unique behavior or moment, and doing so without my presence felt by my subject, or the viewer. As an educator and workshop/safari leader, I love sharing what I've learned and it truly is wonderful to see a workshop participant improve their skills and learn how to reliably create awesome images filled with visual impact during a workshop/safari."


Contact information:

Christopher Dodds

Dodds Visuals Inc.

Box 90090

Huntingdon, QC


J0S 1H0

(450) 264-5757



Canadian Wildlife / Nature Photographer Christopher Dodds Katmai National Park, Alaska, | July 2010 Image copyright & courtesy Darren Charles Holloway (thanks, Darren).

Canadian Wildlife / Nature Photographer Christopher Dodds Katmai National Park, Alaska, | July 2010 Image copyright & courtesy Darren Charles Holloway (thanks, Darren).

































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